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Single Disc Check Valve
These are best used at down stream of pump.
Used in Heating Installation, Steam Condensate Lines, Compressed Air Discharge Lines.
Used as, OEM by Boiler Manufacturers, Nitrogen and Gas Generating Equipment manufacturers, HVAC and other such equipment manufacturers use these valves extensively.
Design Features
Design to EN 558-1
Wafer Check Valves are short travel Single Disc type.
Wafer Checks with fast acting spring prevents water hammer and flow reversal in the equipment.
Wafer Check Valves, with soft seat like Viton, EPDM, Buna N are available on request while Metal to Metal seat is a standard feature.
Single Disc, Wafer Check Valves open at very minimum differential pressure general expressed in mm WC, please refer catalogue for precise value.
Ground and Lapped Disc and body seat of Wafer Check Valves offers tight shut off as per DIN 3230.
Wafer Check Valves are designed using Bernoulli’s theorem and pressure drop is designed to be minimum. Please refer catalogue for details of Pressure Drop.
Product Range
  Size Range: DN15 to DN100
  Rating : PN10, PN16, PN40
  Material : Generally, ASTM Gr. WCB, Gr. CF8, Gr. CF8M but not limited. Other exotic material like, CF3M, Monel, Hastealloy, Duplex etc. on request.